Capoeira in Limassol
Sport for you and your kids
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Spyrou Kyprianou 48, Germasogeia, Limassol
What is capoeira?
Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining fight, dance and acrobatics.

During the classes we pay particular attention to the physical training, combat practice and acrobatic movements. In complex, they lead to versatile body development.
Schedule of classes
Class duration is: one hour for adults, 45 minutes for teens and kids 6+ and 35 minutes for kids 3.5-5 years old.
Mon & Wed 8pm

Tue & Thu 7:30pm

Kids 6+ years old
Tue & Thu 4pm

Kids 3.5-5 years old
Sat 11am

All grops
Sat 9am
I practice capoeira since 2005 and teach for 14 years. Now I can't imagine my life without this art.

Capoeira has made me more determined and confident, has taught me to manage myself and to control my body.

Perhaps capoeira will also change your life for the better because it is pure energy of friendship, positivity and colorful Brazil!
Pavel Son
Adults, Teens and Kids 6+
Membership per month
12 classes included.
Valid for 30 days.
Termination once for up to 30 days.
Kids 3.5-5 years old
Membership per month
4 classes included.
Valid for 30 days.
Termination once for up to 30 days.
Reviews of students
I would 100% recommend Capoeira CDO St. Petersburg. As a girl of average fitness and flexibility, the kind, friendly, encouraging, highly professional and skilled trainers allowed me to fully participate in their training sessions and corrected my body position and technique during every exercise, allowing me to learn as well as have fun.
Although there were many other students of different abilities in the class, I always felt included and personal attention was given to each student, helping each of us to feel valued and be part of the group.
The founders and trainers are both English speaking and could answer any questions I had, as well as introducing me to the others and always made me feel welcome.
After each session, I left feeling accomplished, motivated and definitely had that high you get after a great workout!!
Amazing crew with a true passion for the sport. I would recommend this school to every level and capoeira lover.
Don't miss it!
Great group of capoeristas with great leadership.
Frequently asked questions
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+357 95 953992
Spyrou Kyprianou 48, Germasogeia, Limassol